NaNo is over…Now What?!

I always take December off from writing and editing. After NaNo, I always need the break plus I prefer to distance myself from my work now and again to clear my mind. Beyond that, the holidays make it feel impossible to get anything done so December is a welcomed writing vacation.

However, it is now January.

So, I have compiled each day of work into one document. It is posted on the right sidebar as “Nom’s Secret – Draft 0.” Tomorrow’s project is to review the entire piece and put the works in what appears to be an organized, orderly fashion.

A few years ago, I did this by printing every single page, taking over a room, and arranging them by creating a huge mess. This year, I have Scrivener. At this point, I’m enjoying love and excited Scrivener orgasms. The noise I’m making about this program is ridiculous.

At least my husband understands – LOL


Blogging a Book

Every year I embrace the challenge of NaNoWriMo. It’s a dirty, gritty process where one takes Draft Zero of some convoluted story idea from their mind to the page. It’s messy. It’s probably not in order. There’s no editing and plenty of typos.

It’s raw.

Raw and rarely seen by an audience – why would anyone share such crap with an audience?

Because I failed my first year. I’m not even sure what I wrote about or if I wrote anything.

But I needed that failure. I accepted it and reevaluated my process to try of figure out what held me back, what did I do wrong?

I completed my second year, and the story of Aara was born. I stared at my winner certificate with a puffy chest. Then cried during my first attempt to put the jumbled mess together. By year three, I had the process down. I was ready and prepared. I knew what to expect, how to pace myself. I knew dedication to the craft because I had spent the entire year cultivating Aara into something bigger. That year, Shakti’s story was truly born (a few in my writer’s group would understand what that means). That year, I was surprised when NaNoWriMo revealed that Aara’s path is weaved into Shakti’s. The two women were tied like yin and yang. Last year I chose a completely different path and concentrated on putting down a story that I’ve kept hidden since my eleven year old was one. I have transformed the disjointed epic into short stories and shared them with Left of the Lake.

This year I wanted to try something different – a new challenge. I’m sharing my embarrassing gritty mess of NaNoWriMo book babblings online – the entire process. From November 1 to the organization process post-NaNo to editing and publishing. You’ll meet Nom – a pivotal character from Aara’s world. Nom has an amazing backstory, but there’s no room for it in Aara’s World. It’s stifled in Lynthia, but it’s my NaNoWriMo challenge this year.