NaNo is over…Now What?!

I always take December off from writing and editing. After NaNo, I always need the break plus I prefer to distance myself from my work now and again to clear my mind. Beyond that, the holidays make it feel impossible to get anything done so December is a welcomed writing vacation.

However, it is now January.

So, I have compiled each day of work into one document. It is posted on the right sidebar as “Nom’s Secret – Draft 0.” Tomorrow’s project is to review the entire piece and put the works in what appears to be an organized, orderly fashion.

A few years ago, I did this by printing every single page, taking over a room, and arranging them by creating a huge mess. This year, I have Scrivener. At this point, I’m enjoying love and excited Scrivener orgasms. The noise I’m making about this program is ridiculous.

At least my husband understands – LOL


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